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Welcome to


University of Amsterdam

NFS settled at the University of Amsterdam (UVA) in 2023. UVA excels in social sciences due to its strong academic reputation, research excellence, and diverse program offerings in areas like sociology, psychology, and political science. It fosters an interdisciplinary approach, has a multicultural international community, and offers excellent research facilities. Situated in vibrant Amsterdam, it provides real-world opportunities for social science students trying to capture the fashion scene of The Netherlands. 

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Upcoming events

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Meet the 1st board

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Elena Marzotto


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Claire Lameynardie

Events Manager

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Mariko Baaren

VP & Treasurer

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Tea Monselesan

Marketing Manager

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Nathaniel John

Business Manager

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Myrthe Pluim

Community Manager

Supervisory board


Edouard Clouet des Pesruches

Board Member

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