The New Fashion Society (NFS), based in Rotterdam, is a student organisation driven by the idea of combining business and fashion.


The association was established in 2012 by five Rotterdam School of Management students, who started the organisation with a vision – filling a niche at Erasmus University and in Rotterdam. Hence NFS has grown to become the only association, which solely focuses on the fashion industry.


NFS aims to create an environment where like-minded students from all disciplines are brought together through a wide range of professional events. At NFS we believe the fashion industry holds countless opportunities for students, and that is why we create events where industry professionals and students can engage in meaningful dialogue. Additionally we provide a platform where business possibilities within the fashion world are presented. We are confident of our ability to bridge the gap between the fashion world and university students.


The New Fashion Society hosts a variety of events, which presents fashion brands and the job opportunities they hold. Included in our events are in-house days, professional workshops and conferences, as well as creative events such as the Annual Fashion Show. Thanks to the constant strive for diversity, NFS consists of a group of open-minded and ambitious students. These members have the opportunity to develop hands-on skills which one day will help them shape the future of fashion.

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