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In NFS, you will be able to do 3 things:
01. Learn

Wether you are a fashion fanatic or a newbie, learning about fashion makes you discover, from within, a 3 trillion dollar industry.  Through seminars, we are inviting professionals to share their knowledge, experience and advices. You will be able to apply what you learn during your bachelor or masters to real life cases.

NFS focuses on the business side of fashion (marketing, supply chain, etc) and not the creative one.

We do not only study fashion, but also all its related industries such as beauty, luxury, jewellery, textile, etc.

02. Socialize

Associations are here to make friend, to party, to have an epic student experience. We are not a study association, even-though we focus on learning and networking. Last year, we organised public events such as the Fashion Show Afterparty. For active members, regular drinks and trips have been done.

In Rotterdam, you will find a lot of dutch speaking associations. Not here baby, we are 100% international.

Fashion people know how to party! Christmas Gala, rooftop party,... those are our ideas for next year.

03. Network
Sustainable fashion exhibition (1).jpg

But now let's talk career. Entering the fashion industry is hard. When looking for internships, contacts are key. Our main goal is to link professionals and students to find mutual gains. Fashion companies are looking for interns, and we make sure that you are on top of the list.

A special event called the FIF, the Fashion Internship Fair, was created last year by NFS.

We are trying to reach the top, just like you. That is why we collaborate with an iconic French fashion house.

What committee would FIT YOU?
Career and Seminar

If you join the Career and Seminar Committee, you will be working on organizing various business-related events throughout the year. You will get to communicate with industry experts to share their knowledge, experience and advices through seminars. Upcoming events include our Fashion Internship Fair, Inhouse days, podeum discussions and much more.

In this committee, you will learn how to network, gain contacts and organise professional events.

Do you have a proactive attitude and are not afraid to communicate with professionals in the industry? Then this is the committee for you!

It was both very fun and serious. The committee team was amazing, I met one of my best friend. On the other hand, it was quite some work, but in the best way. I learned so much in terms of networking. The fashion industry is very difficult to reach, so I was happy to learn how to contact professionals and make contacts on the way.

Last year career and seminar member

Conference Crowd
External Events

Being part of the external events committee was not only super fun but also such a cool experience as I got to connect and talk to photographers, model agencies, work with models, find venues etc. The vibe was awesome and without being biased I must say it was the best committee!!

Last year external member

If you join the External Events Committee, you will organise multiple creative events throughout the year, including the famous Annual Fashion Show. Make-up artists, designers, photographers, models... you will be interacting with these creatives from the industry. You will take care of the invitations, plan the program for the day and arrange everything that happens backstage.

In this committee, you will learn how to organise big social events, how to communicate and negotiate and bring together creatives from the industry. 

Do you have a hands on mentality and enjoy planning and organizing events? Then this is the committee for you!

Internal Events

If you join the Internal Events Committee, you will organise internal events for NFS' active members such as our monthly drinks, integration trip, fashion trip, etc. The goal for our Internal Events Committee is to make sure that all members feel welcome and maintain a warm internal culture.

In this committee, you will gain experience organizing events and communicating with internal and external personnels.

Are you a social person? Do you like to create a sense of community and focus on human relations inside an association? Then this is the committee for you!

I just liked the fact that it wasn't too time consuming, it was nice to do while doing my masters. The people in the committee were also very nice and it was nice to work with them. We had to basically organise events for the whole NFS society to make sure we go along and cooperate with each other but also to make sure we can all have fun throughout the year.

Last year internal member

Wine Cheers

If you join the Marketing Committee, you will work on creatively promoting all of the events NFS hosts using different marketing channels, including our website, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. The Marketing Committee is also in charge of other promotions such as our newsletters and keeping track of our online engagements.

In this committee, you will learn how to utilize different marketing channels and creating creative promotions.

Do you know how to create marketing campaigns? Do you know have social media & communication skills? Then this is the committee for you!

NFS has been welcoming, exciting and fun from the first day I joined until the last day I was a member. NFS has motivated me to think outside the box and aim higher. The only regret I have is that I didn't join sooner.

Last year marketing member

Image by Noiseporn
would you like to join us or our events?

For the first step, you will need to send your CV and a maximum one minute and a half video of you showing your motivation and who you are as a person. Please submit those two items with the subject "NFS Recruitment 2022" to:

nfseventscommittee@gmail.com (for external events committee)

careeropportunity.nfs@gmail.com (for career & seminar committee)

nfs.internalevents@gmail.com (for internal events committee)

nfsmarketingteam@gmail.com (for marketing committee)


Have you passed the first round? Congratulations! For the second recruitment phase, we will have an interview with you to see if we are a match and if you are really motivated. Questions will be asked based on your CV and your passion, so no need to prepare too much!


In less than a week after your internview, we will reach out to you about the outcome. If you have been accepted, congratulations and welcome to the team! If not, don't worry! You can still be part of NFS as a passive member!


The first application deadline is September 11, 23:59 (Sunday). You will be hearing back from us within a week.

The interviews are planned afterwards, taking less than a week. 

The final response is planned on the 20-23rd of September.

Become an
active member

As an active member you will be part of a committee and have responsibility  inside NFS. You will enjoy all external events like galas and the fashion show for free, be part of the internal drinks and trips and enter the NFS alumni network.

The next step

You will need to be selected by the board to become an active member. The recruitment process consists of two steps: a first selection through CV and video, and then an interview. Here are details regarding the process.

Recruitment phases
Become a
passive member

As a passive member, you enjoy a financial benefit. We will ask you to pay a 10€ fee at the beginning of the year in return for discounts on all external social events like the galas, the workshops and the fashion show. 

The next step

To become a passive member, you will need pay 10€ via bank transaction. Then, you will need to fill in a form. 

Do you have any questions?

First check our Q&A to check if your question is already answered there.

If it's not, send us a message on Instagram. We will reply as fast as we can. 

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