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A collaboration with Erasmus Sustainability Hub's Rethink Apparel, The New Fashion Society and De Vintage Kilo Sale presents to you the Vintage Fashion Show 2020.

The Vintage Fashion Show will take place during the Erasmus Sustainability Days ( and falls on the day focused around "Responsible Consumption". We aim to teach individuals about the consequences of the fashion industry and what each of us can do to reduce our footprint and consume garments in a responsible and ethical manner.

The Vintage Fashion Show will convey this message through showcasing the "Evolution of Fashion". The show will begin with looks from the 1950s onwards and then move into the rise of the fast fashion industry, which led to the increased waste and consumerism, ending with a futuristic view on the industry.

All the clothes will be supplied by De Vintage Kilo Sale and there will also be vintage kilo sale held between 16:00 & 21:00, so make sure to pass by either before or after the Fashion Show!

This year, we decided to broaden our vision, since fashion has become more than luxury. In order to reflect this in our society, we're hosting a streetwear event on March, the 13th!

The theme will be mainly about the street heritage, which left a mark on streetwear and hip-hop/rap music. We already found a bar which agreed to host this event. It will take place in MONO, Rotterdam. The decision to choose this bar was made considering that it is a young and active place which corresponded with our association.

During this event, we will put an emphasis on the role, responsibility and development of street culture. We planned a fashion and art exhibition and different activities, around gaming and performances.

Our aim is to show people the timeline of street culture in the Netherlands and Rotterdam in specific. Therefore, we will use hip hop as the main element and built a spectrum of different scenes of street culture around it.

More detailed info soon to come.