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Career Opportunity Team

The Career Opportunity Team is responsible for organising In-House days, during which students get the chance to discover the company’s activities and culture from a closer point of view. Moreover, the team monitors the NFS Career Platform, which gives students easy access to internship and job opportunities in the luxury and fashion industries. Together with the Seminar team, the team is in charge of the case study event and monthly lectures by industry experts and academics.

Event Team

The events team is responsible for smaller events throughout the year as well as one of NFS’ biggest events, the Annual Fashion Show. The team takes care of finding locations, contacting guest speakers and coming up with new, creative ideas to bring people that share a passion for fashion together. Conceptualizing the ideas for events and the Fashion Show as well as adding the finishing touches are amongst the most important tasks.

Seminar Team

The seminar team leads the organisation of the Seminar Week, in which companies from the luxury and fashion industry are invited to present themselves and their career opportunities to students. The Innovation Challenge is also part of the team’s work, consisting of a case study event. This is solved by groups of selected students, each guided by a coach, represented by international professors from fashion schools around the world. The team is also in charge of monthly lectures by industry experts and academics.

Marketing Team


The marketing team is responsible for tasks such as keeping all marketing channels up to date. This includes the website, Facebook and Instagram. We are responsible for communication with the audience and the image of NFS. The marketing team markets all events that the NFS hosts in a creative way. We try to target a larger and more diverse group of students within the Erasmus University Rotterdam while creating an NFS family.