THE NEW FASHION SOCIETY is formed out of 4 different committees: Marketing, External Events, Internal Events and Career & Seminar team. Meet the teams below and find out more about each of them and their role within the association.


The Career & Seminar team is responsible for organizing business events, seminars and workshops. They are the direct link between NFS and fashion, luxury and beauty companies.

The C&S team organizes all our company In-house Days, where students get the opportunity to visit fashion companies' headquarters and experience the company culture, increase their network and much more. The team is also behind the NFS case studies, lectures, seminars, and the Annual Fashion Internship Fair.



The External Events team is responsible for all NFS events throughout the year - from smaller ones, such as the DIY Denim Workshop, to bigger events, such as the Annual Fashion Show. 

The team oversees the entire process of putting together the events - finding locations, contacting guest speakers and constantly innovating on the best opportunities to bring the NFS community together.  



The Marketing team is responsible for the overall NFS visual identity, communications and promotions. Among the main tasks of the team, they manage and make sure to keep all the marketing channels up to date. This includes the website, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, as well as overseeing offline promotion and partnerships across the academic year. 


The team markets all the NFS events in a creative way and make sure to always keep our community connected and up to date.



The Internal Events team is responsible for creating and maintaining an amazing internal culture within the NFS team.

The team is in charge of organizing events for the NFS active members. The internal events team is truly the glue that keeps together our association in terms of trips, events and all that fun. They are also the ones behind coordinating and making sure that the NFS Anual Paris Trip happens.