The next steps for NFS, a glimpse into the future

It’s hard to believe that it has already been four months since I first met the other board members and over a year since I attended my first meeting as an active member. I initially heard of the New Fashion Society through my older brother as he was studying at Erasmus University and knew some NFS members. He was convinced that it was the right place for me since I have always been very passionate about the Fashion and Luxury industries. I soon realized that NFS indeed is an inspirational community of like-minded and hard working students.

After numerous meetings and extensive brainstorming, we are proud to announce that we have set five distinct themes to guide this academic year. I do not want to reveal too much, but for now all I can say is that we are taking our mission - to bridge the gap between the Fashion and Luxury Industry with University students - to the next level. We want to enable all our members to not only gain insightful information during our seminars, but to also actively participate in improving and developing skills for their future careers in this competitive industry. NFS will provide new creative encounters between fashion stakeholders and students, in order to build their network and have critical conversations.

It is no secret that the second edition of Erasmus Fashion Week will definitely take place and new events such as an Internship Fair and the Vintage Sale will be added to our existing portfolio. This year will be a year full of new insights, skills and creative events.

I believe our first theme for this academic year fits seamlessly into our strategy and goals for the association, and also, for the times in which we find ourselves, slowly trying to go back to normal. I invite you to discover our first theme,“New Beginnings”, and all subsequent events, seminars and projects we’re introducing.I hope you are just as excited as us. So stay tuned and join us on this year’s journey.