Self Care by Priya

It is finally here, the sun, the warm rays of sunshine glazing our skin and more time spent outside. However, this increased kiss from the sun comes with huge responsibility for our skin. We owe it respect, care, nourishment and protection to grant the favour back for all its doing.

Greetings everyone! As we all know it, we’re diving head first into spring and with all its benefits also comes a new routine. This implies that the sun’s UV rays are also out and about. UV rays can damage our skin cells and make them more brittle. Ultraviolet radiation comes from powerful, yet invisible sun rays which come in three types: UVA, UVB and UVC. UVA and UVB, which are able to go through our ozone layer and may travel travel further into our bodies after touching our skin and being able to cause unwanted effects. UVC rays on the other hand are not an issue as it cannot pass the ozone layer, it is however the most dangerous radiation from the sun rays. Without a proper shield against these rays, the sun may burn our skin and lead to skin cancer. This is why medical experts vouch for sunscreen to be worn all throughout the year.

Whether they are short or long, rays have an undoubted influence on our first line of defense: skin. Light exposure to sun rays makes us grow old faster and under severe exposure they might even contribute to a higher chance of developing skin cancer. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance to invest in good sunscreen and clothing.

Below are some of my personal favourites; however, before purchasing anything based on any recommendation, I would advise you to consult a professional to gain more insights about the product and whether it is suitable for your skin type. Remember, we are each unique in our own way, one formula might be the key to one’s issue but it might not work for another.

1. Estée Lauder Day Wear Moisturising cream - SPF 15

Granted, this one both moisturises your skin and protects it against the UV rays. This one is first on the list because of its relevance at the moment. With a UV index of about 1-2 every day, 15 is enough to combat the risks that the sun poses.

2.Vichy SPF 50

I would personally recommend this one to anyone when the index would get anywhere above a 4 for maximum care. This product is also rather affordable and can be found in most pharmacies.

3. Chanel UV Essential SPF 50

This is one of the products that are located rather high up on the ladder especially if you’re like me - a fellow university student constrained by other financial responsibilities. However, I will vouch for the investment because it is both a shield against the rays and also against pollution. Thus, if you are in lockdown in the middle of the city with some spare money, consider getting one!

4. Dior - Lait en Brume Protecteur Hâle Sublime SPF50

Again for the protection from the sun, this one can be applied to your whole body and is about 125 ml. Its floral scent is also an advantage and has an untacks finishing touch.

5. Appropriate Clothes!

Try to wear clothes that are suitable for the weather, as much as we all want to soak in the sun and get a nice tan. Everything must be done in moderation, hence when you are done with the recommended time in the sun try to shield your body by covering it a bit. This means invest in some light fabric shirts, dresses and comfortable clothes. Snapbacks, sun hats and sunglasses also go a long way!

6. Final tips

With the corona virus measures, a mask is always a basic requirement nowadays. However, if you tan quite fast make sure to keep an eye on how you are positioned to avoid unflattering marks later on. I had the unfortunate experience of going through it once with my glasses and ought to warn you angels about the mortifying time I spent in front of the mirror trying to even out my foundation.

7. H2O

Hydration! Water is essential to keep consuming because it will nourish and refresh your system. Make sure to always have a few cups of water and if you ever forget like my friends… Spice things up: drink out of a champagne glass. Very often the aesthetically pleasing aspect of things catches one’s attention thus it would remind you to consume it. You can also add some syrups to it, put some berries in it to make it exciting. Buy those pretty containers to make it more fun!

And always remember, take care of yourself in each and every possible way. This makes it easier for you to live a healthy and positive life!