Guided sustainable shopping tour Rotterdam

As some of us might have been a little too enthusiastic decluttering their wardrobe Marie Kondo-style, we think it's time to highlight a few of Rotterdam's sustainable and vintage shops so that you can fill your wardrobe in a sustainable way. 

1. Joline Jolink.

Starting off with Joline Jolink. A few years ago Joline Jolink broke with the traditional fashion system. She has stopped doing fashion shows and has stopped working with sales agents and shop keepers. This allows her to be more flexible in responding to her clients' needs and wishes. Additionally, she stopped holding sales as she beliefs sales send out the wrong message; clothes are no disposable products, but products you should cherish. 

Joline Jolink makes timeless designs made from high quality sustainable fabrics; her jeans are made from organic cotton and the wool and silk she uses are produced from waste material. The manufacturers Joline Jolink collaborates with are also selected carefully so she can make sure that the working conditions are good. She only designs small collections in this way she can keep her stock small and is thus able to avoid a clothing surplus. 

Adress: Nieuwe Binnenweg 82

2. The GoodPeople.

The Goodpeople is a menswear brand from Rotterdam. It started out as a label, but now the brand has its own store located in the Pannekoekstraat. The clothing of Goodpeople is produced within Europe. In that way, they can build a more personal relationship with the manufacturers to make sure the working conditions of the people manufacturing their products are good. Besides this social sustainability aspect, the brand also strives to reduce its environmental impact by using high quality fabrics and making timeless designs to expand the product's lifespan. 

Adress: Pannekoekstraat 52a 

3. Vintage & Labels by Hendrikus 

In the Pannekoekstraat, one can also find the vintage store Vintage & Labels by Hendrikus. This is a shop-in-shop in Blick Brillen (an optics store where the sustainable glasses of Dick Moby are sold). Vintage & Labels by Hendrikus is filled with unique designer items from Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, Marc Jacobs, Burberry, Céline, Thierry Mugler and Moschino. All items are in good condition and carefully selected by the owner 

Adress: Pannekoekstraat 35a/37a

4. Dearhunter. 

Dearhunter is located in a beautiful building on the Eendrachtsweg in the Witte de Withkwartier. The place is nicely decorated with beautiful fitting rooms and nice mannequins. At Dearhunter they always select the most beautiful garments, shoes, bags, sunglasses, hats and jewellery. Are you looking for a unique item for a reasonable price? Then you should definitely visit Dearhunter!

Adress: Eendrachtsweg 55a

5. Showroom 41.

If you need new clothes as well as a new hairdo, you should definitely visit Showroom 41. Because besides being a unique vintage store, there is also a hair salon and make-up bar. Every garment, shoe and accessory has been carefully checked and cared for and repaired if necessary.

Address: Zaagmolenkade 43

6. Vintage Rebel

You may know Vintage Rebel from the Vintage Kilo Sale that they normally organize. Last February, they organized one on campus in collaboration with NFS and Rethink Apparel. We also showed some of their beautiful pieces during the Vintage Fashion Show. Unfortunately, the coronavirus makes it impossible to organize these Vintage Kilo Sales. However, that doesn't mean you can't buy the amazing garments of Vintage Rebel anymore. The owner, Heidi Vergeer, now organizes private shopping days so that you can still shop the most beautiful vintage treasures for your closet in a corona-proof way. Curious about these private shopping sessions? Then keep an eye on the social media of the Vintage Kilo Sale!

Address: SPEK Design Dock, van Helmontstraat 19 Rotterdam