Closet Cleaning 101

The Fashionista's guide to spring cleaning!


After two years of a long pandemic and an even longer credit card bill recounting a serious online shopping addiction, it seems it’s finally high time our closets get a well-deserved spring cleaning!

Spring has finally sprung and it is out with the old and in with the new!

As fashion lovers, trying to find the balance between shopping consciously and grabbing that one amazing piece that just went on the discount rack - it’s hard!

Why declutter?

Youtuber Tasha Leelyn decluttering in 2020

For one thing, decluttering your wardrobe helps you identify what you have too much of, what are the gaps in your essential wardrobe and what no longer fits your style and is ready to be recycled and given to a new owner! The whole process when done right can be incredibly gratifying!

For another, giving away or recycling clothing contributes to a circular economy, while buying second-hand translates into saving in gas emissions, usage of water and wastage during the production chain. So you can declutter, make some extra cash on Vinted and save the planet just by throwing out some tank tops! Win, win!

The problem is, and also, the hardest part - where do you start? No worries, we’re all in this together so we’ve made a short guide on how to best approach your wardrobe spring cleaning.

Rule No. 1 - Only keep the items that make you feel good now

From Confessions of A Shopaholic

Start your spring wardrobe decluttering by picking only those items that TRULY make you happy. Choose to keep the pieces that make you FEEL GOOD NOW, not in 1 year, not somewhere in the far future.

It's drastic, but it works!

Rule No. 2 - Hold onto item you’ll wear more than once

Actor Tiffany Haddish wearing an Alexander McQueen dress at the Girls Trip premiere in 2017, Saturday Night Live in 2017, the 90th Annual Academy Awards in 2018, the MTV Movie & TV Awards in 2018, and My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman in 2019.Photo: Getty Images / Courtesy of Netflix

If the answer to that question is NO, then you know what you have to do. We all have items we can categorise under "bad purchases" or "impulse buys". However, that does not mean you should keep onto these items. Donate them, re-sell them and maybe they will just find their perfect home.

Try to always invest in long-term wear pieces with durable fabrics that you will wear at least up to 5-10 times.

Rule No. 3 - The 3 years rule…or 2, or was it actually 1?

Everyone has in their closet those pieces we forget about and then fall back in love with them after a long time. But there are others that if you have not worn in the past year, 2 years or more - chances are you never are going to again. So do yourself a favour and toss those items in the donation or resale pile.

Rule No. 4 - Never throw away your unwanted clothes

Youtuber Ashley aka bestdressed discusses how to sell clothes online in October 2019

When decluttering your wardrobe, and not only, there are many sustainable and conscious ways of "disposing" of your unwanted items:

  • Donate

  • Re-sell

  • Prolong their life by upcycling some items

  • Swap with a friend

Rule No. 5 - Friends help friends declutter their wardrobe

"Sex and the City" out of your spring fashion decluttering and have your most trustworthy friends help you in the process. For all those items you think you'll still wear, there's a friend to remind you it's time to say goodbye rather than keeping that dress in the closet for one more year.

If all else fails, stand by the 3 Rs:

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.