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Street's Heritage X MONO

March 12, 2020

Street's Heritage.  An event that aimed at showcasing the street culture of Rotterdam and the rest of the Netherlands. Street culture is more prominent now than it has ever been, you can see it in the clothing we wear, the music we listen to and our lifestyle. The event was going to introduce all the different facets which make up streetwear through panel talks, photo & clothing exhibitions, live performances and even a gaming corner with old games that influenced a lot of today's streetwear. 

The above paragraph is written in the past tense because the event had to be canceled a few days before its planned date because of the COVID-19 virus and we are very disappointed that we were not able to bring this event idea to life, since everything was setup for it to happen. 

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Vintage Fashion Show & Kilo Sale

February 25, 2020

During Erasmus Sustainability Days 2020, The New Fashion Society welcomed around 400 guests to attend our Evolution of fashion: A Vintage Fashion Show, organized in collaboration with Erasmus Sustainability Hub and The Vintage Rebel. We showed 50 looks from 5 different time periods: the 50s, 70s, 2000s, the present, and the future. The aim of the show was to give well-deserved attention to vintage and second-hand clothing and to encourage people to shop consciously. Before being able to change our attitudes and purchasing behavior, we need to be educated on how to reduce our footprint and consume garments in a responsible and ethical manner. With this event, we showed that vintage garments are timeless and a perfect example of sustainable fashion!

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GANT: Benelux Market & Journey of Intern to Head of Marketing

November 26, 2019

𝑴𝒂𝒕𝒊𝒍𝒅𝒂 𝑹𝒐𝒔𝒆𝒏𝒈𝒓𝒆𝒏, Head of Marketing at GANT, talked about the company’s current challenges, gave insights and practical tips while reflecting back on her journey from intern to Head of Marketing at GANT.

This seminar was split into 2 parts:

In the first part, Matilda talked about her fast-paced career journey, looking back at her first internship to her current position as Head of Marketing at Gant. She gave tips on how to get that first internship, shine in it and cover post-internship possibilities.

The second part featured Gant – an American clothing brand expanding rapidly in the Benelux market – and their newest marketing challenges. Who is today’s customer, target group, how does Gant target them and why 'Never Stop Learning' is the way there.

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Reframing Fashion: Sustainability & The Circular Economy

November 14, 2019

This event was split into two parts: first, Dr. Mariangela Lavanga talked about the role of sustainability in fashion, as well as it's impact on the circular economy and then, there was a CLOTHING SWAP at the Erasmus Sustainability Hub!

Dr. Mariangela Lavanga is a cultural and fashion economist, currently the lead partner, researcher and manager of “RE-FRAME FASHION", which involves piloting three new courses in fashion and sustainability, entrepreneurship, and heritage.

She is the programme co-ordinator of the prestigious International Master in Cultural Economics and Entrepreneurship and the co-founder and co-coordinator of the first and successful academic Minor Fashion Industry in the Netherlands. Her research features the interrelations between creative industries, economy and cities from two perspectives - cultural economics and economic geography.

Circular economy, sustainability and fashion industry are at the core of her interests. Dr. Lavanga also lectures on Economics of Fashion; Design and Architecture; Honors Program Arts and Culture Studies on sustainability intermediaries in the fashion industry: Heritage and Fashion.

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