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What is it like to intern at PVH?

March 31, 2020

Here are the top 3 best things about my 5 months internship at PVH - the mother company of Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein, among other brands:

1) We were around 40 interns, and I could talk to any of them about what they do in their teams. This way I learned about many parts of a fashion corporation: from very creative aspects like design and shootings for E-commerce, to content creation for global marketing campaigns and supply chain.

2  I was responsible for the Intern Program and recruited many of the interns that are now working at PVH, which was a fantastic part of my internship. 

3) PVH has amazing events.

  • They have an annual meeting with all PVH associates (more than 2000 people) – a very fancy and professional meeting, very American! 

  • Tommy Hilfiger organized a shooting for employees, after the launch of Tommy x Zendaya collection (that’s how I got this fashionable pic, don’t think I’m anywhere close to a model). The shooting was part of the #PowerDressing social media campaign, showing what empowerment, individuality, and style mean for women in the HQ.

  •  We had a Christmas party that I can’t describe (they had Jessie J performing, someone almost kissed her, we left around 4AM and went to work the morning after… can’t share more). 

  • We organized an event exclusively for interns and the Executive Creative Director (the guy who hangs out with Thomas Hilfiger and decides the Tommy collections) spent 2 hours with us, explaining how they design the pieces, the plan to become fully digital by 2022, how they choose the colors, materials, etc. 

  • PVH has a “green week” in which they do many events about sustainable fashion: from women in tech to make fashion more digital, to only serving vegan meals and not having milk in the coffee machines. 

And the list can continue.

Suzan Bijl: A Rotterdam fashion story

À La Mode 

February 22, 2020


As students at the Erasmus University, the bright bags with a stripe of another color must have caught your attention.

The bags of Suzan Bijl are a staple for everyone in Rotterdam. The bag similar to the shape of a plastic bag you can find at the market, but elevated, is the most well-known design of the brand. Suzan Bijl, a fashion brand that stays close to it’s roots in Rotterdam, is a brand worth mentioning. But what makes this Rotterdam-based brand so special and popular?


Let’s start with the origins of the brand. 

Next to The Erasmus University, Rotterdam is known for it’s art school, named after Willem de Koning (a famous artist from Rotterdam). Suzan Bijl, a student at the Willem de Koning academy, is all about simplicity. Clean designs are , according to the designer, key for a clear mind. 

The first bag Suzan designed was supposed to be a replacement for all shopping brands, and it’s shape is indeed inspired by the plastic bag. With the environment in mind, Suzan used Ripstop Nylon for the production of the bags. Ripstop Nylon is a fabric also used for making kytes, it is known for being extremely strong and durable. Slowly the brand began to grow, selling bags in the UK and Japan. 

The designs were a big hit in Japan since it matches the clean but colorful esthetic of the Japanese youth. 

After a few years (2012), Suzan Bijl started designing other bags. The small handbag is one of the favorites in Rotterdam. The simple design brightens up any outfit and adds a fashionable element. Most people are seen wearing the small bag over their puffer jackets or big coats. 

Currently, Suzan Bijl is working together with The International Film Festival Rotterdam. Together they turned the signature shopping bag into a bag with the IFFR logo. Next to that, the signature bag is also found in the colors green and grey, these colors are supposed to represent Rotterdam.On their  blog the brand writes about Dutch youth. These people are supposed to embody what the brand stands for.

Suzan Bijl’s store  can be found on the Mauritsweg in Rotterdam.

T0K10 Store Rotterdam

Les Rues 

February 8, 2020

The Eastern and Asian fashion scene is rather unique. 


Very different compared to the western scene, but just as exciting and eye catching – if not more. 


Unfortunately, it is not often to come across shops offering Eastern and Asian brands, other than the very trendy Comme des GARÇONS Play or some Gosha Rubchinskiy. In particular Japanese brands, with their unique design and colours, are not so easy to encounter in the European market, which makes them very desirable and sought after.


T0K10 Store, in nonetheless than Rotterdam, presents to the customer the perfect combination.


Their rich selection features pieces ranging from all Comme des Garçons sections together with some pieces from the Russian designer Gosha, to some of the most popular Japanese brands as Jun Takahashi’s UNDERCOVER, Yoon Ahn’s AMBUSH, some Sacai, Visvim as well as some Yohji Yamamoto pieces can be found. 


This little and cosy shop with a Tokyo vibe and attitude, offers both high-end and avant-garde fashion as well as progressive streetwear. The products offered in this store are very diverse, you can find a very interesting apparel and footwear selection as well as accessories of all sorts like jewelry, perfumes, designer books and fashion magazines. They state that the whole concept of the store is with a focus on aesthetic and overall-design approach, instead of prices, rendering it a unique environment, and a place with something for everyone. 

Definitely worth a visit.

Exhibition: The Hoodie

À la Mode

February 1, 2020


We already tipped you two fascinating fashion exhibitions, but this winter there are so many more fashion exhibitions worth seeing. In December you can go visit Het Nieuwe Instituut in Rotterdam to see the exhibition The Hoodie. This exhibition is evidently focused on one specific clothing item, the hooded sweater. It’s a fashion item that pretty much everyone has, whether it’s for playing sports, Netflix and chill or work. You might think it is just a piece of clothing you can wear, but this fashion item plays a controversial role in culture, fashion and politics. 


The exhibition tells the story about the hoodie in relation to subcultures, youth, social inequality, racism, and privacy among other topics. Did you know that the hoodie was invented by Champion in the thirties of the 20th century? Back then it was designed for the working class to protect workers from the cold and rain. Nowadays it has become a fashionable piece of clothing that can make a political, social or cultural statement and is an iconic streetwear item. In some places the hoodie is a fashion trend and a must-have. Elsewhere it is a symbol of inequality, crime or rebellious behaviour. The hoodie is very popular in the hip-hop culture, but also is illustrative for the disappearing clothing rules in the workplace, where formal wear isn’t the norm anymore. 


The Hoodie is an exhibition where various pieces of arts, clothing, digital recordings, social media posts and other things come together. The exhibition is about various themes, like music and gender fluidity debates. The exhibition shows the evolution of the hoodie from back in the thirties until now. You can view various pieces from Vetements, Rick Owens, Vexed Generation and others. 


Excited to see the exhibition? You can visit The Hoodie exhibition from the 1st of December till the 12th of April 2020. Entrance is 7 euros for students, but you’re free to visit on Thursday evening from 5 PM to 9 PM!


Les Rues 

January 25, 2020

Long before the round-the-block lines, the security guards, the ticketing systems, the release date and even the various stores around the globe, Supreme was just a little skate shop on a semi-abandoned block in downtown Manhattan.


James Jebbia opened Supreme’s first store in 1994 on the quiet and neglected, Lafayette Street. A perfect skate spot. Supreme slowly became the epicentre of the New York skate culture, and a regular hangout place for neighbourhood kids, skaters and local artists. 


Since then Supreme slowly expanded by progressively opening 12 stores around the world: one each in Los Angeles, London, Paris; two in New York, six in Japan; and most recently one in San Francisco (and a store in Milan is rumoured to open soon too). 


Back in ’94 Supreme’s stores and products stood out. The store was designed allowing skaters to freely skate in and out the store. With everything displayed along the walls, a wide central space was left free to skate. Their main products back then were different from the colourful designs and imponent graphics the market was offering. The simple white logo in a red box placed on the chest of a t-shirt or sweatshirt, made a stylish contrast. Supreme’s own pieces, in particular the Box Logo, gained remarkable appreciation and popularity along the years, building a never-seen-before hype around Supreme and everything the brand was involved in. 


However, at first, James Jebbia, out of fear of not being able to generate profit, started producing in small quantities to sell out faster. This practice has been carried on since then, and together with the hype around the skate brand, it resulted in the brands evolution into one of the pillars of this past decade’s streetwear scene. It has shaped the scene forever with some timeless pieces and collaborations with artists, and brands of all sorts, varying from Kaws and Takashi Murakami to Nike, COMME des GARÇONS and on the tip of the iceberg, Louis Vuitton in Fall/Winter 2017. 


Since its foundation, Supreme has grown to embody an underground culture and play an integral role in its constant regeneration and expansion.

Van Tilburg

The Story

January 14, 2020

The New Fashion Society’s Annual Fashion Show is approaching, and with that we are introducing one of our sponsors for this event: Van Tilburg. Van Tilburg is a family owned department store located in the Netherlands. Within almost 70 years, this fashion mall grew from a small textile store to the largest independent fashion mall in the Netherlands, offering up to 600 high quality brands. Van Tilburg stands for fashion, quality, craftsmanship and service. These pillars are the perfect combination to increase visitors’ shopping experience, a value that is sometimes overlooked by people.  


Thinking about which clothing is timeless and would last for seasons, NFS focusses on fashion brands and stores that sell high quality, long lasting clothes. In the Netherlands, department stores such as the Bijenkorf and Van Tilburg sell this type of clothing and also pay attention to the shopping experience. Ever since the introduction of online shopping, a day of going out, having a bite and trying on clothes, is stripped away. However, at NFS we believe that is a pity. Also, since sustainable clothing is becoming more and more prominent in the fashion industry, it is good to spend time and really look into the pieces of clothing you are buying. Not to mention that a day out shopping can be considered a good activity for leisure.


Offering visitors a perfect shopping experience is part of Van Tilburg’s DNA already since 1950. But how did this all start? In 1950, Jan van Tilburg opened a small textile store and gradually the store grew out into one of the largest independent fashion malls with the help of his son Peter van Tilburg and his wife Elly van Tilburg. Working in the store of his parents was not always Peter’s dream. During the 60s Peter decided to study economics and business economics at Tilburg University and renounced the business of his parents. Nevertheless, after some time Peter realized working at a bank or ministry was nothing for him. The free and independent entrepreneurial existence attracted him and soon he started to work in the company of his parents; first in the warehouse and sales department and later on he took on a role in the management of the company. At that time 35 people worked in the store. Nowadays more than 430 employees work in the store including 60 tailors. The whole store covers more than 12.500m2. Since a couple of years successors Paul van Tilburg and Matthijs van Tilburg have joined the business. Paul is responsible for the expansion of the webshop Van Tilburg Online. With their webshop Van Tilburg tries to attract new customers to the store in Nistelrode. Not at the expense of the shop, but to attract new customers from all over the Netherlands. Matthijs is in charge of the creative part and takes care of the buying and selling activities of the store. Together with Peter and Elly van Tilburg they keep the business up and running, with always one key value in mind: service!


Service and the shopping experience have always been of high importance for Van Tilburg. The total package of shopping, while also offering high quality clothing, is what makes Van Tilburg unique. At Van Tilburg you can get personal shopping advice from beginning to end. From support in finding the perfect piece to tailoring it to the perfect fit. And not to forget the free cup of coffee or tea you can taste during the day.


We are happy to welcome Van Tilburg as our principal sponsor for The New Fashion Society’s Annual Fashion show. The family company offers a service customers need for the full shopping experience. Stay tuned for our next update on the fashion show!

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Modest Fashion Exhibition

Kunsthal Rotterdam

November 19, 2019

Modest Fashion Exhibition

We already told you about the extravagant Thierry Mugler exhibition in de Kunsthal, but there’s another fascinating exhibition which is quite the opposite, but nevertheless interesting and intriguing to see. Stedelijk Museum Schiedam is currently showing the Modest Fashion Exhibition. Modest fashion can be described in different ways, such as covered-up or simple with mainly wide clothing. Modest fashion has been a billion-dollar fashion phenomenon in the last decade.

Many religious women choose to not show off their bodies. But they still want to look fashionable and modest fashion caters to their needs. This kind of fashion is offered by a range of fashion designers like Valentino, Céline, The Row, Vetements and Dolce & Gabbana. Also non-religious women love the modest fashion trend. Many women wear wide clothing, long skirts, wide tops and less décolletage. Modest fashion can be a statement against the tight, sexy fashion that has previously been very popular. Modest fashion can be minimalistic, though it can also be colourful, with loads of prints or beads.

The exhibition show is about the past, present and future of modest fashion from various cultures and religious backgrounds. It shows a variety of fashion pieces that embody the essence of modest fashion in various decades. Long dresses, big coats, but also hijabs. The exhibition also entails many photos of various artists and magazine covers of women wearing modest fashion. The borders of what is modest are explored in this exhibition, alongside the expectations of women to dress a certain way. The exhibition highlights the fact that women in the Netherlands are rather free when it comes to dressing, compared to other countries. Modest fashion should not be about oppression, but can be used as a way of emancipation and empowerment of women. Wearing modest clothing should be about the freedom of choice to wear whatever you want to wear.

The exhibition is open for visitors till the beginning of February 2020.

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The Streetwear Store of Rotterdam

November 08, 2019

Rotterdam’s fashion scene is very diverse. The shops you can come across by walking in the city centre vary from fast fashion shops all the way to high fashion retailers and boutiques. Among these ANSH46 undoubtedly stands out. The unusual name has a simple explanation: it stands for Another Shop, while 46 is the telephone country code for Sweden. This comes from the boutique’s founders, Wouter Leenders and Kelly Erentreich, visiting Stockholm and being inspired by the city’s conceptual atmosphere.

ANSH46 is a retailer established in 2010 and located in the emerging city of Rotterdam. The owners describe it as a “theoretical space where numerous disciplines communicate artistic matter, sound and visuals”. In other words, it is a physical store with an incredible and continuously changing interior design and an as great selection of high-quality and leading brands. The shop often undergoes a period of renovation, after which the whole shop’s concept, design and display is different.

Their selection is very eye-catching too, with pieces ranging from Maison Margiela and Raf Simons, to more tactical brands as Alyx Studio and A-Cold-Wall*, while also offering more mainstream, hypebeast brands as Off-White and Heron Preston. Their selection contains pieces of all sorts, together with the usual apparel and footwear, ANSH64 offers a wide selection of accessories, jewelry and decorations.

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Story of Patta

Les Rues

October 29, 2019

Patta opened its doors in 2004.

Situated right in the heart of Amsterdam (on the historical Zeedijk, between the Chinatown area, Red Light District and Central Station), the store became the centre of attention by bringing new excitement to the Dutch streetwear scene and becoming a hub for creative and fashionable youngsters. What initially started off as a hobby, mainly to hook up friends and family with fresh footwear and gear, turned into a flourishing business and a worldwide recognized brand.

Throughout the years Patta has been involved in plenty of remarkable collaborations with artist Parra and staple brands as Nike, Asics, Vans, and, more recently, C.P. Company and Jordan. These collaborations, amongst others, have shaped the Dutch and European streetwear scene and culture. The brand’s passion for art, sport and music shines through its unique approach to design, as the collections deliver an effortless style, not commonly found.

One of their most eye-catching designs in their SS ’19 collection, was the “Patta Magazine Denim” combo. The combo consisted of a jacket, pants and a cap. Each piece is covered in bold, pop art-influenced doodles which see characters and motifs such as naked demons, skulls, flames and of course the Patta branding. Everything comes beautifully together thanks to the use of pastel colours. No surprise the edgy design was very popular, as it sold out within minutes after releasing.

Founded by Edson Sabajo and Guillaume “Gee” Schmidt, both prominent figures in the Dutch Hip-Hop scene in the 90’s and early 2000’s. Edson was a DJ and Gee a host/MC. Their common passions grew into a strong friendship and solid business partnership. Hungry and determined for success, they travelled across the planet stacked with cash hunting for sneakers and records, unknown and unavailable to the Dutch public, making tons of international friends along the way.

In 2016 the London Patta flagship store opened its doors in the middle of Soho, and 3 years later Patta landed in the Italian fashion capital - Milan. Just the beginning.

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Thiery Mugler Exhibition

Á la Mode

October 29, 2019

If you are looking for a fashion activity during your free time, we highly recommend visiting the Thierry Mugler Couturissime exhibition at the Kunsthal in Rotterdam. It is a large scale exhibition about the famous French designer with a focus on his prêt-à-porter and haute couture collections of the past decades. Thierry Mugler is not only a couture designer, he’s also a photographer, artist and perfumer.

Mugler is mostly known for his morphological and futuristic style with glamourous and elegant silhouettes. His couture was hyper-feminine with tight silhouettes and small waists for the sensual and powerful woman, celebrating the curves of the femme fatale. The exhibition shows the developments in his career and his creative mind and it shows a combination of science fiction, erotica and Hollywood prestige. The couture designs are pieces of art with small details and creative touches. You can also see various outfits with innovative materials like metal, vinyl and latex.
Did you know that Mugler recently dressed Kim Kardashian for the Met Gala? In the last year Kim has worn several of his vintage outfits to various occasions. And Cardi B was spotted in a vintage Thierry Mugler dress at the 2019 Grammys. You might also know his fragrances Alien and Angel, which are very popular scents.

The exhibition contains more than 150 outfits that were made between 1977 and 2014. Besides famous couture pieces, the exhibition also contains never before shown accessories, theatre costumes, videos, archive documents and more. In addition, you can see visual content and behind-the-scenes material from various fashion photographers like David LaChapelle, Ellen von Unwerth and Helmut Newton. You can have a sneak peek at his couture on his Instagram @manfredthierrymugler.

Come and take a look at this wonderful couture exhibition at the Kunsthal in Rotterdam. The exhibition is open for the public until the 8th of March 2020.

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